April 28, 2017

7 Creative Side Hustles

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As a creator, it’s important to stay inspired and be involved in activities that enrich creativity.  There are hundreds of ways to make money on the side, but a lot of these side hustles will do nothing to spark inspiration. For example, donating plasma, filling out online surveys, and cleaning houses are ways to money, but why not choose a side hustle that serves two purposes; make money and feed your creativity.

Avoid choosing a side hustle that is not enjoyable and will not give you any added benefits except a bit of cash. Your side hustle may be so uninspiring or mind-numbing that you actually kill your creative flow. Don’t get me wrong. Money is money. If you are in need of some cash, cleaning houses, running errands, or driving for Lyft are perfectly fine ways to earn money. If you have a choice, strive for side hustles that will serve as an outlet for creative thinking.



Upwork is a fantastic platform to sell your talent. If you are a writer, freelance writing gets you writing. It may not necessarily be what you want to write about and you may not get credit for whatever you write, which is the case for ghostwriting, but you are writing nonetheless. Freelance writing may even get you out of a writer’s block. Someone else gives you a topic. All you have to do is write! There are time constraints in place, which forces you to sit down and write. There are no excuses.

The very act of writing gets you in that groove of creating content. Although whatever you have written is not your next great novel, that sense of accomplishment after completing an assignment is amazing. You will take that writing euphoria with you and apply it to your own personal work. In the long run, your great American novel will benefit from your repeated practice of writing.

If your main creative trade is not writing, maybe you are an authority on a particular topic, for instance, basket weaving. You may be able to find a freelance writing job about DIY baskets. Who else should write about this topic than you?

If you are not digging the writing thing too much, don’t worry Upworthy has other service categories.

  •      Web, Mobile, and Software Development
  •      IT and Networking
  •      Data Science and Analytics
  •      Engineering and Architecture
  •      Design and Creative
  •      Translation
  •      Legal
  •      Admin Support
  •      Customer Service
  •      Sales and Marketing
  •      Accounting and Consulting

Millions of jobs are posted on Upwork annually. You are bound to find jobs that fit your schedule, your experience, and interests.



Fiverr is another easy to use platform for selling your talent. Fiverr encourages creativity in the types of gigs you post. Posting fun gigs can supercharge your creative juices. Since the focus is a choosing side hustle that will keep the flame of inspiration going, browse through the offered gigs under the category, Fun and Lifestyle.

There are gigs for sale here that are born from creative genius. Here are some examples.

I will send 20 origami heart wherever you want

I will make a custom wooden handmade bird pendant

I will create a wedding anniversary poster or word art

I will make creative poster of your lovely dog

You can use Fiverr to make some extra cash and create something special and endearing for someone.

Fiverr also has other categories if you want to offer services that may not involve origami hearts or anyone’s dog.

  •      Graphics and Design
  •      Digital Marketing
  •      Writing and Translation
  •      Video and Animation
  •      Programming and Tech
  •      Advertising
  •      Business

There is lots of potential here to make money and catch inspiration from other digital creatives like you.



Etsy was built with creatives in mind. This is a venue to buy and sell handmade goods. What a perfect place for you to sell your talent under your own terms. If you are an artist, you can sell your watercolor painting you created without influence from a buyer, but you can also allow buyers to make custom orders. You can sell your masterpieces alongside custom pet portraits. The beauty is you are making money from your creativity.

It’s like setting up a booth at a farmer’s market or flea market without the hassle of lugging your stuff around and having to wake up early. You can easily set up an Etsy shop showcasing your wares. All you have to do is take great pics of your jewelry, vases, sculptures, or whatever you have created.

People love to purchase handmade goods as gifts. 24 million buyers bought from Etsy last year. Etsy charges a twenty cent listing fee, transaction fee, and payment processing fee, but it is worth the exposure you can gain by putting your creativity online in your own shop.


Amazon Kindle Store

If you’re not a writer, you’re probably thinking that the Kindle Store doesn’t apply to you. If you are a creative, then you are an authority in your particular field. If your craft is making jewelry, you can publish several books on this topic that will take little to no research since you are a jewelry maker. Here are some possible titles for your next Kindle book.

  •      DIY Bracelets
  •      Chakras Bracelets: How to harness the healing power of the stones
  •      Fun and Easy Bracelets for Kids

Inside your book, you will have beautiful photos of your bracelets. You will also be sure to mention your Etsy store where the reader can purchase them.

Passive income is the best kind of money to collect while you are working on your passion. Amazon has made it extremely easy to publish eBooks. Once you have your book available on the Amazon store, every time you sell a book you will receive a royalty payment. This side hustle will be fun because you are writing about something you love.



We are going to take an obvious platform for making money and maximize our creative potential. You can rent an extra room out or your entire place if you are going out of town. As long as you follow all the legal regulations in your city, this is an awesome way to make cash. You, as a creative, are going to take it a step further. You are going to use your home as a place to showcase your talent.

If you are a painter, hang up your paintings on the walls. In your useful information guide that you give your guests, be sure to include that the artwork is also for sale. People will love to buy your paintings as tokens of their trip or as a gift for a friend when they return home. You would also be providing a useful service for your guests. They can avoid the last minute scrambling for gifts and simply purchase what you have to offer.

If you are a children’s book author, write a book about the city. Use Amazon’s services to print a physical copy of your book. Keep a stack of the books on a coffee table or bookshelf. How many parents would grab a copy of your book to bring back to their kids to tell them about the trip they had.

You can generate quite a lot of money from AirBnB, but you can make more by applying your creative talents. Think of ways you can sell your talent in your home to guests.


Skillshare Course

Skillshare is a fun platform to use to teach others about your craft. The passive income from creating a class is awesome, but the sharing of ideas is worth so much more. The engagement you will have with students will fire up your creativity.

Skillshare has a wide range of categories you can teach.

  •      Design
  •      Photography
  •      Business
  •      Entrepreneurship
  •      Film
  •      Fashion
  •      Music
  •      Technology

As you develop your lesson plan for your course, you will also be diving deep into your creativity process. This gives you an opportunity to think about how you create and possibly ways you can fine tune your process. When you help a student with the class project, you will be able to apply your knowledge in helping that student learn. Through that, you will gain a different perspective on your particular craft through someone else’s eyes. This is bound to provide inspiration.

You may even find a student that you could collaborate with in the future. This type of networking online may prove to be valuable to your success with your craft. You never know who you may meet. Martin Scorsese wasn’t Scorsese in one night. He was once a student learning and absorbing from others.


Online Lessons or Tutoring

There are a number of online platforms to choose from to start giving online lessons or tutoring students. You can offer lessons or tutor just as easily in person. However, the beauty of online lessons is that you shave a bit a time off the process by staying home and not going through the hassle of travel. With online lessons, you also open your self up to more clients that may not live in the same city you do.

You can give one on one lessons in music, art, or language. With tutoring, you can offer sessions in a variety of subjects: SAT Prep, Math, English, Science, History, or Writing. If you’re not particularly interested in tutoring a student in preparation for an exam, you can also offer English as a Second Language lessons. Since you are online, you will be able to offer your services to those in other countries who are dying to have real conversations with an English native speaker.

Online Lesson Websites

Tutoring Websites


Side hustles are a wonderful way to earn more cash. If you can figure out a way to hustle on the side and continue to build your creative edge, you are going to benefit spiritually and financially. Getting paid doing something you love is highly rewarding. You may not be able to pull in a full time salary from your artwork right now, but the right side hustle could turn into your main means of income.

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