April 8, 2017

Podcasts For Creators: stories that inspire & entertain

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Podcasts For Creators: stories that inspire & entertain

Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite ways to learn and stay inspired. It’s a great way to keep the mind engaged while doing mundane tasks. There’s nothing like smashing through a great podcast series while being stuck in a traffic jam, doing house chores, or on a morning hike. Staying in touch with the latest creator tips and best practices have never been easier, with experts jumping on so many podcasts. Here are some of my favourites:


Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income podcast's Pat Flynn

A stalwart in the small business podcasting community, Pat Flynn has been a very inspiring voice for a long time now. He’s smart, talks in simple every day language and has great pacing to show. His interview guests range from the Gary Vaynerchucks and Ramit Sethis to small businesses owners doing knitting, speech theraphy, snack deliveries, and more. Pat shows that just about anyone can launch a small business if they are prepared to learn and put in the hours.


Oh So Pinteresting

Oh So Pinteresting podcast's Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez’s podcast is still very much relevant for new Pinterest users (like me), even though it hasn’t been updated since 2015. Her laid back conversational style goes through the different pinning ideas and techniques which are perfect for beginners. Cynthia now works as part of the Tailwind platform


How I Built This

How I Built This's Guy Raz

NPR’s Guy Raz’s interviews some of the world’s most successful founders and CEOs. It’s fascinating to hear the journeys of these companies from conception and sometimes to exit. A few highlights include Instagram, Warby Parker, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, Dermalogica, and Power Rangers


Beauty and the Vlog

Beauty and the Vlog's Erika Vieira

Erika Vieira’s podcast title is slightly misleading. Although she speaks a lot about beauty vlogging on youtube, the lessons, techniques and tips she covers are applicable to all youtube genres and beyond. A natural salesperson, Erika’s confidence is evident in her voice and her handling of interviewees. If you’re a YouTube creator, this is a must listen


Corner Office

Marketplace's Kai Rysdall

Marketplace’s Kai Rysdall hosts Corner Office, a podcast very similar to How I Built This but still very much worth a listen. Kuy is a very familiar voice among business podcast circles with his inimitable interview style. Highlights include: TaskRabbit, Interscope, YouTube, Activision, Nasty Gal, Electronic Arts, and Nike.



Millennial's Megan Tan

Megan Tan chronicles her life after college with inter-generationally relatable coming of age stories. The first season is mostly biographical, but she switches up to interviews by the second season. Her coverage of millennial life in Havana, Cuba is simply fascinating.


Three Month Vacation

Three Month Vacation's Sean D'souza

Sean D’souza’s podcast eschews the well worn mindset of overworking and focuses instead on maintaining work life balance. He explores ways on how to make your current work more enjoyable and sustainable. It’s very refreshing to hear a business coaching podcast purposely avoiding self aggrandizement. Sean’s intelligent articulation provides unusual angles on time tested guidance.


Why Oh Why

Why Oh Why's Andrea Silenzi

Andrea Silenzi packs her show with hilarious, sympathetic and some times cringeworthy dating stories. It can be hard to believe some of the guests she has interviewed are real people! While it’s leaning mostly to the female point of view, it’s entertaining for everyone interested in the human connection.


Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School's Chris Guillebeau

Who doesn’t love a good side hustle idea? Chris Guillebeau’s short, story based podcasts is a very easy way to listen through side hustle ideas. He quickly covers success stories from his community of listeners and readers. Once a month he drills down on certain aspects on side hustling and gives the listener more direction on how to get started. Worth switching on whenever you have 5-10 mins to spare.


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