April 1, 2017

How To Pack Like a Travel Pro – Top Tips for Creators

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As part of my job as a manager, sometimes I have to double down and take on the role of tour managing. I’ve worked with touring acts such as Miami Horror, Goldroom, Hermitude, Deadmau5, Stanton Warriors, Fat Freddy’s Drop and numerous festivals. From these days I learnt how to pack like a pro.

Layers & Rolls

With most airlines charging for check in or even carry on baggage now, the best tip for packing is to travel light. Most of the time, you don’t need that extra shirt/jeans/jacket/shoes.  If you’re ever short, chances are wherever you go, there will be a cheap place to buy basics to cover you. Wear layers to keep warm, and pack in layers, so you can easily see what’s in your bag. Instead of fold, roll your clothes to minimise creases. 


Travel wallet

Travel Wallet

For international travel, bring a passport wallet. This will hold not only your passport but your money, credit cards, travel itineraries and other documents, backup passport photos, phone numbers for relatives etc. Needless to say it’s a nightmare if you lose your passport & visas during international travel, so keep this very close to you at all times during transit. As backup take photos of your visa, passport pages and other important documents and send them as attachments to yourself.

Battery pack

Travel wallet

I always carry a battery charger for my cell phone or tablet. A lot of planes have USB plugs now but they’re not very reliable. You know how frustrating it is when your phone dies and you’re nowhere near a socket, so this is a no brainer. They’re pretty cheap nowadays and small ones like … fit in your pocket and lasts 2-3 full charges.

Roller suitcase

Away rolling bags features a built in charging battery

I travel with Tumi bags, they’re durable, lightweight and lasts a long time. A bit on the pricey side but highly recommended. If you want a higher tech bag, have you heard of Away? They’re carry on roller bags with built in batteries and charging sockets. Particularly handy for people who fly regularly.

Power Strip

Always carry a power strip

Portable power strip (power board) is a useful tool you have pack. This paired with a universal power adapter, and you’ll be able to charge multiple devices anywhere.

Airport Jacket

The Airport Jacket can convert itself into a duffel bag

If your check in bag is too heavy, wear your heaviest/biggest jackets onto the plane and you’ll save a lot of weight. If you really hate paying for additional check in bags, there are actually jackets that allow you to pack a tremendous amount of stuff into your jackets. I haven’t tried this yet personally but check out the Airport Jacket


Travel Tote

Who doesn't like tote bags?

Most airlines allow you to bring one carry on and a personal item on board. You can bring a small hand purse but that’d be a waste. Bring a tote bag that you can fold, you’ll be able to carry a lot more and fold it away into a small ball when you don’t need to. Don’t want to eat that overpriced turkey sandwich plane food? Just bring your own and pack it in the tote!


 The carry on stroller

Get the YoYo for your travel needs!

Parents, if you’re traveling with a lap infant, this is the best tip I can give you; buy the Yo Yo stroller. It folds down smaller than most carry on baggage size and you can literally roll your baby or toddler onto the plane, and roll out as soon as you hit the aerobridge. Yes, you can put this stroller in your overhead luggage compartment. It’s pricey, but this is the best investment we’ve made for traveling with our child.

What are your favourite packing tips? Leave a comment below.

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