April 10, 2017

Reasons to avoid flying United airlines

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To all creators; be warned when flying United. When you book a flight with United, you can pay for your flight, check in and get seated inside your plane, and they’ll violently yank you out of your seat because they’ll want the seat for themselves! On Sunday 9 April 2017, a United flight from Chicago to Louisville was fully boarded. Attendants had announced that the flight was overbooked and offered passengers up to $800 each to voluntarily give up their seats. When no one took the offer, United then picked passengers to eject “at random”. One of the passengers refused to move, so United called the airport police to remove the passenger by force.

The craziest part of the story is that the plane wasn’t actually overbooked, it was fully booked. United wanted to fit four of their own employees on the plane, so they booted paying passengers already seated in the plane. Chicago to Louisville is less than a 5 hours drive. United could have hired a car and drive the employees over there and avoided not only $800 per person charge but an international PR embarrassment as well.

Two weeks before this incident, United prevented two teenage girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. They also required a child to change from her leggings to a dress, because it was inappropriate attire. There are no photos here but again we have twitter covering this debacle.

In 2009, musician & United passenger Dave Carroll witnessed United baggage handlers throwing around his guitar while loading the plane. When he discovered that his guitar had indeed been broken after the flight, he complained to the airline. After 9 months of inaction, Dave decided to make a song out of the whole ordeal and the YouTube clip went viral. I can personally attest that United doesn’t care about musicians as the airline had lost their equipment as well, forcing shows to be cancelled.

There are numerous other stories of United losing children, kicking service dogs off flights, locks baggage handlers in the plane, and many more on Untied.com.

Just don’t fly United!

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